These handmade locally hand-carved  Gua Sha's are up-cycled from reclaimed hardwood, these Gua Sha's feel good in the hand and effective on tissue.

This is an essential tool to move your lymphatic system, break down scar tissue and tenderize muscles.


  • Release of lactic acid in the muscles
  • Breaking down scar tissue (use with castor oil)
  • Toning nerves along the meridian lines
  • Supporting lymphatic drainage
  • Building circulation and heart flow

How to Use a Gua Sha

  • The edge of the Gua Sha is vigorously rubbed along the skin moving feet to heart and hands to heart
  • The Gua Sha can be used with water in the shower, steam room or tub
  • Best used with a body oil to drive nutrients into the tissues
  • The Gua Sha can be used over clothes