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Wild Man Gift Box



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A bounty of natural grooming products for the Urban, Country, or Wild man. 

The mountains and streams are calling! Beckoning the huntsman, the trailblazer, the pathfinder, the feild guide to let down his man bun, kick off his loafers and run barefoot to the nearest bottle of Man Mist- found only in this kit, along with several other completely natural body products that will have you feeling as fresh as a fiddlehead fern! Leave your skinny pants behind and experience true, raw natural and tame your beard at the same time! It will be as it always should have been, you + nature = complete.


  • Bod Butter: A rich blend of herbal oils and whipped shea butter with a forested fir needle scent for moisturizing dry skin. Use after showering for best absorption
  • Mountain Morning After Shave: A soothing and bacteria-fighting morning ritual for hydrated and smooth skin after shaving. Mist over clean, shaved skin.
  • Man Mist: A wildcrafted cologne with the air of the deep woods, fresh stacked lumber, and grizzled manliness of the trail blazer. Mist over clothing, or directly on skin.
  • Cold Process Soap: A bar of handcrafted, completely natural, old fashioned soap to clean deep and lift grit.

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