Brand: Species by the Thousands

Scents of Cedarwood and Birch Tar blended with hints of Lavender.

How to Use
The proper way to burn is to light the narrowest end of the cone incense with a match, or candle. Let the fire burn for about 10 seconds, then blow it, or fan it, until the flame goes out and an ember is formed. The cone should begin to smolder, letting out a fragrant smoke. Place on/in a cone burner with point facing up or in a bowl burner on a bed of sand or natural ash. Always put the cone on a non-flammable surface.

Our incense cones are made with all natural essential oils, therefore they are slower to light and to burn. They don't have chemicals like other brands which help those ignite faster.

— Contains 16 incense cones
— Made with 100% essential oils
— 2 ounce clear glass jar with a black screw on lid
— Handmade in our Brooklyn, NY shop / studio
— Makes a great gift!