Cocoa Cashmere Facial Moisturizing Balm



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We have such a hard time keeping "Cocoa Cashmere" in stock! Try it once and you'll see why! We were tired of using natural moisturizers that would leave our skin feeling heavy and greasy, so we set out to create a facial moisturizer that was lightweight, hydrating and most important, mattifying! This product has a light cocoa and vanilla scent thanks to its natural ingredients. We're certain you'll love "Cocoa Cashmere" just as much as we do!

Simply scoop out a small dime sized amount onto your finger and apply to face. The premium grade oils and butters will instantly start to melt into your skin. Massage into face until you're left with skin as soft as cashmere.

This product is temperature sensitive and will melt if warmer than 76°. For best results, this product should be stored at a cool room temperature. If product melts during shipment, mix well and place in refrigerator for two hours. For best results keep at a cool room temperature. If this product is too cold, it will be solid and difficult to dispense out of container. We do not suggest using this product on the hands, as the matte finish can rub off onto other surfaces.

  • 2.5 oz.

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