Brand: Lake & Skye

This special floral water is from Oman, where the same family has harvested Frankincense for decades. It is wonderful for providing moisture and softening wrinkles. This floral supports protection and clarity, it invites in the helping spirits and clears the auric field of negative energy and other residue left over from our own thoughts and other people's energy. Excellent for clearing and purifying the home and office spaces, Frankincense is the Middle Eastern equivalent of Sage and often used by Feng-Shui practitioners. It deepens and expands the energetic body and is great for use prior to meditation.

Apply to pulse points: inside wrists, either side of the neck or behind ears. For best results, shake well before application. Due to all natural ingredients, there may be some settlement of the oils.

Ingredients: Frankincense Hydrosol

2 fl oz.