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What To Bring On Your Getaway This Fall

What To Bring On Your Getaway This Fall

Every getaway has its own unique packing list, for example: you wouldn’t take your ski boots on a tropical vacation (at least I hope you wouldn’t), but what are the things that you constantly take with you everywhere you go? Here’s a few of our favorites you can always count on in our bags!

Speaking of bags, we always want a large tote to carry anything that we might possibly need. Plus, this extra large Puco Basket Tote can double as a large carry on item so we can sneak some extra airplane space!

I’ve never been on a plane without a jacket or cardigan. No matter what, there’s always going to be that chilly airplane cabin breeze while flying, AND wherever you’re going--whether Alaska or Turks and Caicos--a nice jacket will be there for you if your hotel room or AirB&B blasts arctic air when you’re sleeping. Our favorites are the Clio and Pujpu Cardigan by Intiearth--they’re lightweight, comfy and super stylish! Perfect for travelling.  

Depending on how far you’re going, the humidity will probably differ leaving your face either dry or oily leaving you with irritated skin, keeping you from enjoying your trip. To prevent this, the Nomad OYYL Facial Oil works like magic! It will bring your skin back to normal in no time, plus it’s travel sized and can double as a makeup remover and hair mask saving you some much needed space in your travel bags.

Last is a personal favorite--a towel! Growing up, my dad always said “you never know when you’re going to go swimming” and that doesn’t disclude weekend getaways! I always bring a swimsuit and towel to be prepared for taking a plunge. The brand Olive and Loom, have the most stylish towels for going on a quick vacation.

No matter where you’re going this Fall, make sure you have these essentials on your packing list because we cannot travel without them!

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