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The Plain White T-Shirt

The Plain White T-Shirt

The most underrated garment, I think, is the plain white t-shirt. This garment can literally be worn with anything and is appropriate almost anywhere (well probably not on the red carpet but weirder things have happened). It’s versatility has led me to own about 6--almost one for each day of the week--and I wear them religiously like a uniform, because it just cannot go wrong. It is literally a blank slate that you can build off of--making your perfect outfit for the day.

Even with just jeans and a tshirt, this outfit is elevated to sophisticated with the red lipstick and other red accents

Grab your favorite leather jacket and dainty jewelry for an edgier, going out look.

Spice it up by easily pairing it with a fun--and elaborately embellished--skirt for a day around town.

Layer it up with different jackets, cardigans, and blazers to have a sophisticated edge.

Have it be the backdrop of your favorite vintage looking slip dress.

The white t-shirt is so simple and does it all.

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