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  • How to Stay Bohemian in a Modern World

    With the release of the release of the sequel of Mamma Mia! The only thoughts running through my head were: how can I become more like Donna Sheridan, a free...

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  • Icon Feature: Cher

    From her glamorous black, pin straight locks to her unique bohemian style, it’s no wonder that Cher is still in the limelight and considered a fashion icon for more than...

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  • Minimalism isn’t a Trend--It’s a Lifestyle

    When I think minimalism, I immediately think of neutral colors, solid prints, and nothing too exciting. In recent years people have embraced this trend by going out and buying new...

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  • 1960s Inspiration

    From the space race, Woodstock, Civil Rights Movements, to the British Invasion, there was something in the water in the 1960s that is giving us style envy. While being a...

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  • Adventure in Austin

    You don’t need to travel the globe to be well traveled (well that would be nice). Some of the best places can be found right at your doorstep when you...

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  • How to Be Sustainably Chic

    The word “sustainable” is a buzzword these days with more people focused on being more conscious on saving the earth and reducing waste. I personally never really took it too...

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