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Suit Up For School with These Bags

Suit Up For School with These Bags

Summertime is coming to a close, so goodbye beach time, hello work and school assignments. Fortunately, you can start your year in style with some of Indigo and Sage’s bags--made perfect for any occasion!

The City of Angels Backpack from Noah Morian Quality Goods, is the perfect fall bag with it’s elegantly chic, classic design. With this bag you can carry your life with you at all times, ideal for living an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s also super stylish, and with it’s white leather and brass accents, you can pair it with anything!

Boutonne released one of the cutest bags recently, the All Leather Rucksack in grey which is much more bohemian but is still so functional. The fringe tassels are so fun paired with the suede leather details making it a must buy for the Fall season.

For a more relaxed look that encompasses the “always summer” attitude, Boutonne has The Rucksack Bag in Blue and White. It’s made with a natural cotton rope and leather accents giving it a very earthy natural feel.

While some people are drawn to the backpack look now, the classic satchel remains the most versatile bag--it can go from day to night at any time. The Claudette Carry on by Boutonne or the Montauk Tote by Noah Marion Quality Goods are prime bags to take to work or school. Both have thick straps and pockets, providing comfort and versatility.

Whether you like the backpack look or the satchel look, both are perfect for transitioning to colder weather, schoolwork, or worklife.

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