Minimalism isn’t a Trend--It’s a Lifestyle

Minimalism isn’t a Trend--It’s a Lifestyle

When I think minimalism, I immediately think of neutral colors, solid prints, and nothing too exciting. In recent years people have embraced this trend by going out and buying new clothes with these guidelines to display this neutral simplicity that encompasses what minimalism is.

It’s ironic because that is completely the opposite of what being a minimalist is! Minimalism is not just a fashion trend that everyone is jumping on now, it’s actually an umbrella term that’s more than just fashion--it’s a lifestyle!

What does it mean to be a minimalist though? Do I need to empty out my closet and replace all of my clothes with a full on khaki uniform to really understand the meaning of minimalism? No! You don’t need to change your wardrobe, you need to change your mindset! What it means to be a true minimalist is that you need to not add as much value to the things you own. By placing less attachment onto material goods, it allows you to have freedom to live out a more fulfilling lifestyle and think more deliberately due to the lack of reliance upon them.

At Indigo and Sage, we embrace minimalism because we believe in elevating all aspects of people’s lives because we want to inspire them to live out their own adventures and encourage them to find magic through not just the things that they own, but by their interactions and daily adventures throughout every aspect of their lives!  

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