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How to Stay Bohemian in a Modern World

How to Stay Bohemian in a Modern World

With the release of the release of the sequel of Mamma Mia! The only thoughts running through my head were: how can I become more like Donna Sheridan, a free spirit bohemian woman that just went wherever the wind took her, which ended up being some little island off of the mainland of Greece. After watching, I immediately went onto my United app and started looking up flights, only to be disappointed that to get to Greece was much more expensive than it was in 1979. While our lives are (sadly) not a musical and we cannot just jet off to Greece, that’s not stopping us from embracing our bohemian attitude without leaving our own home!

Let your hair down. Ladies, let’s put our straightener and curling irons away, and embrace our natural curls and waves. Besides, no bohemian ever worries about getting their hair wet while dancing in the rain.

Loose silhouettes plus metal statement jewelry is a match made in heaven.

Let your ankles breathe. Flares jeans are the BEST! This classic ode to 1970s style is the perfect unconventional style piece that you will keep in your closet for ever.

Don’t make a plan. Challenge yourself to take one day of the week to see where the day will take you. Don’t hesitate to say “yes” to any opportunity that crosses your path. Just go for a walk and take pictures, or paint something new and different. Just see where the wind blows you!

These small steps can help you to embrace the bohemian ideal while living in the 21st century--whether it’s dressing like a hippie, or embracing some principles of what it represents to be a free spirit. While being a “textbook” free or bohemian spirit has somewhat lost its momentum after the 70s, we can still live in the modern world while embracing the essence of what it means to be bohemian. Besides, a “free spirit” can be defined as someone who is a nonconformist, or a free and eccentric thinker, so even taking time to step back, maybe light a candle, and meditate can be considered “counter cultural” in this fast paced society. What will you do today to live out these bohemian ideas?

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