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A guide to Thrifting

A guide to Thrifting

Thrifting is all the rage these days--it’s the perfect way to get the perfect bohemian style piece at an even more perfect price. However a lot of people are intimidated by it--there’s too much selection, nothing looks the same, and it looks like a hipster’s closet, not your own. This intimidation has often led people away from wandering into thrift stores. However, if you take don’t focus on the big picture of the organized chaos, you can get your best finds!

Zero in on one rack. This way you don’t have to focus on how large the store is and just go to one rack and try to find something cute.

Have no expectations. This is a given for any type of shopping, but especially thrift shopping because the selection is much more varied. If you are set out to find the perfect cobalt blue dress that’s off the shoulder and comes in at the waist, you’re just not going to find it; but it you are more broad and are just looking for a summer dress, you’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for.

Don’t style the outfits at the store. A lot of clothes at thrift stores are definitely unique, and if you style an 80s jacket with some 80s harem pants you’ll definitely have more of a costumey look that you won’t be able to translate into your real life. Wearing a white t-shirt when you go thrifting would be a way to see some pieces styled in a less dated, more casual way.

Whether thrifting is definitely up your alley or not your cup of tea, it’s definitely so much fun and almost like a fashion treasure hunt. Some of the best statement pieces can be found at thrift stores because they’re so unique and fun.


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