1960s Inspiration

1960s Inspiration

From the space race, Woodstock, Civil Rights Movements, to the British Invasion, there was something in the water in the 1960s that is giving us style envy. While being a historically tumultuous time period, the 1960s contained events that forever altered the world and transformed people’s style and outlook on life.

The 1960s was when the Women’s Rights Movement went in full swing which altered how women dressed--they were more likely to take risks and challenge what typical silhouettes looked like. Bright colors and modern silhouettes embodied what women were wearing during the time. Their hair and makeup was much bolder--thick eyeliner and mascara worn with sleek hair embodied perfectly by style icons like Twiggy. This was the time for women embracing their style taking over fashion.

With Woodstock and the rise of rock’n’roll, there was more style evolution. These movements had much edgier, bohemian styles that later evolved into the hippie style. Style leaders of this movement included Janis Joplin, Cher, and Barbra Streisand.

The 1960s was a style revolution which keeps us looking back for inspiration that is relevant even to this day.


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